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With so many skin care brands to choose from these days, there’s no wonder many women find themselves lost in a sea of phony testimonials and false promises. As someone with years of experience giving skin care tips and advice, I wanted to share four simple tips to make finding the right product seem less stressful and intimidating and help you filter through the vast majority of poor quality products offered today.Get More Information

The Most Effective Products Probably Won’t Be Found at the Most Common Places.

Step into a department store these days and you will be bombarded with famous name brands. Many feel they are using the best product solely because of its popularity. “It’s got to be popular for a reason,” is the phrase I often here, but the truth is that most famous brands are popular because they are readily available. Ironically, they are readily available because of low production cost. The cheaper the cost of production, the more product they can stock the stores and sell to the consumer and contrary to popular belief, companies will not improve product quality if the consumer continues to buy what is being offered. So when searching for the most effective products, remember popularity doesn’t always equate to quality.

Check the Ingredients.

This is very common when determining nutritional quality in the foods we eat, but seems to be used less often when determining the quality of skin care products. Determining what is in a product will give you a much better idea of just what you are spending your money on. The labels on skin care products are required by the FDA to display their ingredients from high-to-low concentration just like food labels. Typically in higher quality skin care products, you will see active ingredients towards the front of the list. Educating yourself on the names of ingredients you should be looking for is also recommended. Don’t be surprised if you discover that the higher quality products come with a larger price tag. Your skin will thank you for the investment.

Is the Product Dermatologically Approved?

Many skin care products contain common ingredients that claim to be beneficial for the skin but chances are, if a product is not dermatologically approved, it is very likely that the formula could contain ineffective levels of ingredients that do nothing for the skin or even worse, they may contain a harmful level of chemicals, like sulfates, that may cause damage and irritation. Choosing products that have been tested and approved by a dermatologist greatly decreases the chances of causing damage to the skin and, most importantly, greatly increases the likely hood that you are investing in a product that gives you desirable results.

Don’t Let The Marketing Deceive You.

Companies spend millions of dollars on ways to grab your attention with glits and glamor. Many are very good at selling their brand, rather than selling a quality product with repetitious slogans and supermodel endorsements. The solution to finding a quality product and to avoid being sold by these gimmicks alone is to experiment.

Test lotions. Smell fragrances and have fun discovering what products are truly best for you. Take advantage of a company’s money-back guarantee if offered. Companies that are willing to give a guarantee stand behind their product and are willing to let the quality speak for itself.